Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I'm very flattered a new friend, Sheree, nominated me for the "Stylish blogger Award". Thanks Sheree! Sheree and I will be retiring on the same road in Stampscapes yards and houses with our multitude of dogs and cats! lol!
One of the conditions of the award is to pass it along so I am passing it along to:
1. Glenda &
Here is your badge ladies!

One fo the conditions of the award (yes, it comes with conditions) is that you share 7 things about yourself. This is kind of tough since I feel like my life is an open book but here goes:
1. In addition to running my store Crafty Capers I also have a 2nd job. I am the office manager at a local volunteer fire department. Quite a bit different than my crafting job!
2. I have psoriatic arthritis (very similar to rhumatoid arthritis) I was diagnosed when I was 7 but have been in remission for about a year now - yeah! Remember me in September which is Arthritis Month. Arthritis is not just for old people.
3. I love dogs (not a huge surprise for most). Boxers and Dalmatians are my favs but I can be suckered into liking most breeds. I am currently dogless but awaiting a rescue boxer from Los Angeles.
4. I am passionate about animal rescue and very anti-puppy mills. "Adopt one until there are none". So many great dogs and cats are put to sleep every day and don't think there are no puppy mills in your area. A mill burned down 18 months ago (all the animals perished) in Errington on Vancouver Island and I rescued a dalmation (Holly) from a puppy mill in Chilliwack. Puppy mills are everywhere!
5. I own a cat named Cat (she is against the Boxer plan) :)
6. I read lots of "chick lit". It's a good escape from my busy life.
7. I'd like to go to New Zealand one day
Thanks for listening to me rant while on my soapbox! :)

1 comment:

Sheree said...

You deserve the award! I have learned so much from you over the past two years. You rock!!
If I win the 50 million this Friday we may move to Stampscapesville sooner than you think! Oh ya! Hope all the dogs like each other... :-l
See ya next Thursday!