Monday, May 14, 2012

New kitty!

Sorry just had to post photos of my new addition! His name is Buddy and he about 3 years old and is a rescue, of course. He was found starving and extremely matted last summer in an industrial park.Thanks to Shirley and Cowichan Cat Rescue for helping him out in his time of need as DH said yesterday he has arrived at his final home.
He is still a little scared so is hanging out under the bed quite a bit and has found a HUGE number of dust bunnies for us (thanks!) so is already earning his keep around the house by doing some (overdue) dusting! :) He also let us know we have an "evil" rug but has killed it for us so we are no longer in danger.

If you are thinking about a new kitty in your life please consider adopting an adult cat from a shelter or rescue group I am sure this time of year they are overflowing with great animals just waiting for their forever homes.
If for some reason you cannot keep your pets please do not dump them somewhere and think they will be fine because they will probably not be. One of my sisters is feeding a dumped cat in her townhouse complex and trying to make friends with him so he can get a new home. There are lots of groups out there who will be happy to help you find a new home for your pet. Off the soapbox now...

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

Buddy is very handsome. I love black cats they are very special. You and Phyllis have lots of love to give him. Lucky buddy..