Monday, January 13, 2014

CHA day 3

Little B paper tape display in their booth
Another busy day. Linda and I did an early morning class doing a printers tray album then it was off to do more shopping. There is only 1 more day of CHA and I still have quite a few orders to place. We have placed a few orders with new companies and lots of orders with old ones too. 
Oh my look at the cuties we ran into at the Stampendous booth!

Linda in our printers tray class. She looks pretty perky for 8 am!

Doing our first ever order at SEI.

This was some sort of arm knitting class. It was quite a funny sight with all the yarn all over the floor. Linda took this photo laying on the floor (with her butt in the air) some woman noticed her and thought she had fallen but did not offer to help her up! Lori and I just pretended we did not know her!

A super cute baby display at the Prima booth

We got to play with one of the top 20 new products at CHA - Chameleon makers. It was a demo I will never forget because Michael could not work his stapler. He managed to shoot the staples out of the machine nearly hitting us! Then tried to fix it by putting in new staples that did not work either turns out he had put the staples in backwards!
1 more day of sneak peeks on the blog but don't forget to check out the Crafty Capers Rubber Stamp Facebook page for more sneak peaks and a chance at our contest!

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